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Clinic: Intellectual Property Law (5111)

This course will provide students with direct experience working with clients and practicing attorneys in the areas of copyright, patent and trademark law. Students will apply their substantive learning of the law to related IP projects, where they will have an opportunity to hone their basic skills and theoretical understanding in various IP areas. Students with a particular interest in one of the IP focus areas will, to the extent possible, be assigned cases in that area.

The Clinic will focus on representing clients in a broad array of IP matters, including filing and prosecuting patent and trademark applications before the USPTO, policy-making, and educating the business and arts communities on the essentials of IP protection.

Students who are interested in representing clinic clients in patent matters before the USPTO must be eligible for admission to the patent bar.

To participate in the USPTO clinical program, students enrolled in the clinic will need, in coordination with the IP Law Clinic, to apply for temporary registration to practice before the USPTO. The Clinic is offered as a year-long (fall and spring semester) course to provide students with the broadest range of opportunities to work with clients and before the USPTO. Students graduating after fall semester may take the Clinic for fall semester only, and any spring openings because of graduating fall students may be filled on a case-by-case basis.

Grading: Letter graded.

Credits: 3

Offered: Fall/Spring

Categories: Experiential

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