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Elder Law (3836)

This course examines legal, ethical, and social issues raised by our nation's growing elder population. Focus is on the practical application of concepts in Elder Law. Special attention is given to: (1) ethical issues in elder representation; (2) family issues, such as grandparent rights and marriage; (3) retirement; (4) property management, including joint ownership and financial accounts, trusts, and estate planning; (5) alternative decision-making, including health care directives, powers of attorney, and guardianship and conservatorship; (6) managing and paying for health care, including Medicaid, Medicare, and long-term care insurance; (7) health care options and licensing and regulation of health care and housing providers; (8) elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation; (9) remedies, such as criminal, administrative, and civil remedies, including medical malpractice; (10) elder mediation; and (11) end-of-life issues, including POLST and physician aid in dying.

Grading: Letter-graded.

Credits: 2

Offered: Fall

Subject Areas: Child and Family Law

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