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Cyber Skills and Dispute Resolution (3198)

Dispute resolution providers and disputing parties are turning to technology to help them resolve disputes. In this course, students will analyze how technology-facilitated communication differs from face to face communication and will identify both the benefits and drawbacks of relying on audio, video, and text-based technology. Students will resolve disputes using one or more online dispute resolution platforms such as Smartsettle, Cybersettle, and iCourthouse; and will compare and contrast those services with the services provided by traditional neutrals. Students also will learn how the European Union is expanding online dispute resolution systems; discuss how that decision will affect the United States; explore how avatars, robots, and artificial intelligence devices can be integrated into dispute resolution processes; and negotiate internationally with students at the University of Hong Kong using e-mail, instant messaging, and live video.

Grading: Letter graded

Credits: 2


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