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Clinic: State Public Defenders Postconviction (3044)

The State Public Defender Postconviction Clinic offers students the opportunity to provide criminal legal representation to low income persons. Each student represents approximately four to six clients in a wide variety of criminal law cases, handling them from start to finish under the supervision of an experienced attorney at the Minnesota State Public Defender’s Office. Students participate in all phases of practice, from client interviewing through any scheduled court hearings, and are exposed to a law firm setting where they do their work. Typical cases include post-conviction motions on issues such as sentencing, restitution, conditional release, guilty plea withdrawal, parole and probation revocation, and end of confinement community notification. There may be the opportunity for appellate advocacy, as well as challenges to underlying convictions for persons facing deportation. Along with hands-on experience, classroom instruction on various aspects of practice is provided in the student's first semester. This course requires travel to one or more of the institutions and work at the Minnesota State Public Defender’s Office.

Grading: Letter graded.

Credits: Variable


Categories: Experiential

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