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Clinic: Innocence (3043)

Students work side-by-side with staff attorneys in the Innocence Project of Minnesota as they investigate and litigate inmates' claims of actual innocence. These investigations go to the heart of current issues in the criminal justice system, such as the reliability of eyewitness identification, the problem of false confessions, the use of snitches and informants, government misconduct, ineffective assistance of counsel, and forensic sciences including DNA testing. Class time is divided among class work, discussion of cases, and periodic guest speakers selected both for the general subject matter and for the specific cases under review. This clinic puts students on the cutting edge of scientific and social science issues that affect the practice of law in the criminal justice system as well as hands-on experience in managing and analyzing large-scale cases for litigation.

This clinic is a full-year clinic that carries 3 credits per semester in the fall and spring.

Grading: Letter graded.

Credits: 3


Categories: Experiential

Subject Areas: Criminal Law

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