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Commercial Law Survey (2002)

This course surveys Sales and Leases, a primary area covered by the Uniform Commercial Code. The course will introduce students to the UCC, a distinctive set of statutory provisions governing commercial transactions, and Article 1, which provides definitions and rules that apply throughout the Code. The course will also build on the foundation of concepts and topics covered in Contracts: Transactional Law, exposing students to key provisions of Articles 2 and 2A governing the sale and lease of goods. Finally, the course will survey the rights and liabilities that arise from payment by credit card, debit card, checks and other negotiable instruments. The course may also include treatment of Payment Systems, with attention focused on key provisions in Articles 3 and 4.

Grading: Letter graded

Credits: 3

Offered: Fall/Spring

Categories: Bar Courses

Subject Areas: Business and Commercial, Academic Support and Bar Preparation

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