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Introduction to Civil Code--Puerto Rico (3065)

In this course students will: Gain an understanding of civil law principles in property, torts, contracts, family law, and estates Compare and contrast civil law and common law Examine the unique status of Puerto Rico’s relationship to the U.S. Become familiar with the fundamentals of law found in many European, South and Central American countries, Mexico, and Quebec Learn about Puerto Rico’s courts and history Course topics also include Puerto Rico’s environmental law, criminal law, legal history, ethics, dispute resolution, civil rights, constitution, and legal and judicial system. Legislators, law faculty, judges, and practitioners lead discussions on current topics such as: real estate law; family law, including domestic violence and minors; inheritance law; estate law; reception of civil law in Puerto Rico; and the practice of lawyering in Puerto Rico. There are no prerequisites for this program.

Grading: Letter graded


Offered: J-Term

Taught By: Larry Bakken

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